Lerix is a rapper, writer, and producer from Brooklyn, New York. With his diverse lyrical content and creativity, his musical style is often compared to the “Golden Age” era of hip-hop.

Lerix’s love for hip-hop music started at the age of 12, thanks to the influence of his older cousin, Hank Love, co-host of the 105.9’s “Hank Love and Half-Pint Show.” He began taking part in open mic nights and showcases throughout the city, developing his skills and eclectic sound. His debut EP “New Heights” gained the attention of many hip-hop bloggers and magazines.

Lerix continues to perform at various venues and events in and out of New York, such as South by South West and The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. With the release of his latest EP “Do As Infinity,” Lerix’s acclaim and fan base continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.